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SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture



Aquaculture constructions

SINTEF has developed applied and theoretical expertise in structures and systems for sea-based aquaculture. We are a world leader in technological research in the field of exposed aquaculture, with structural engineering and hydrodynamics as important subjects.

  • Properties of farming structures and their behavior in a marine environment with exposure to waves and currents
  • Flexible structures
  • Open cage systems
  • Closed aquaculture systems int the sea
  • Technology - biology interaction
  • Flow field and transport processes
  • Design of aquaculture structures
  • Physical modeling
  • Laboratory testing - full scale and model scale
  • Numerical modeling, simulation and analysis
  • Field measurements and methodology for full-scale testing
  • Environmental measurements in cage / tub / wellboat
  • Expert assessment of farming equipment in accordance with existing standards
David Kristiansen
Research Scientist
Phone 97 12 61 85

Automation and efficient production

  • Process and technology knowledge for automation in the fisheries industry
  • Sensor and measurement techniques
  • Robotisation and intelligent control systems
  • Machine vision
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Product design
Harry Westavik
Research Manager
Phone 92690216

Decision support systems

SINTEF has broad experience with ICT systems for monitoring and decision support in sea based aquaculture.

  • Systems for planning and implementation of production
  • Simulators for training of crew and development of technology and procedures
  • E-infrastructure for data collection from construction, operation and production
  • Data handling
  • Modelling and analysis
  • Human factor
Hans Vanhauwaert Bjelland
Research Manager
Phone 98829872

Feedstock and process

  • Process and technology knowledge for automation in the fisheries industry
  • Feedstock and fish physiology
  • Analytical methods for verification of end product quality
Ida Grong Aursand
Research Manager
Phone 98222466

Fishing gear technology

  • Gear design
  • Onboard catch handling
  • New vessel concepts
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Energy efficiency and environmental measures
  • Information - and communication technology
  • Fishing gear management
  • Handling of fishing gear
Svein Helge Gjøsund
Research Manager
Phone 91132735

Marine biotechnology

  • Feedstock and fish physiology
  • Analytical methods for verification of end Product quality
  • Oil separation
  • Protein hydrolysis
Ana Karina Carvajal
Research Manager
Phone 92463388

Marine ICT

  • Information - and communication technology
  • Fishing gear design
  • Simulation
Karl Johan Reite
Research Manager
Phone 99705393

Operation and management

Optimized management and operation is a prerequisite for increased value creation in aquaculture.

  • HSE
  • Assessments
  • Strategy
  • Fish welfare
  • Operational documentation
  • Biofouling
  • Aquaculture Cybernetics (automation and
  • regulation)
  • Monitoring
  • Control
Leif Magne Sunde
Research Manager
Phone 90099485

Sustainable marine production

To exploit ocean resources optimally and profitably, we must develop a future-oriented and sustainable industry at the same time as workers' health, safety and safety is ensured.

  • Sustainable management of renewable marine resources / wild fish
  • Analysis of technology effects and structural changes
  • Risk and safety analysis on board
  • Designing safe work procedures
  • Analysis of work related accidents and causalities
  • vessel Safety
  • Seaworthiness and stability
  • Analysis of work environment
  • Recruitment and foreign labor
  • Implementation of HSE measures
Ingunn Marie Holmen
Research Manager
Phone 93059057

Applied ecology

Sustainable harvesting and farming on nature's terms, and environmental effects of human activities in coastal areas. Integrated Aquaculture (Integrated mulitrophic aquaculture -IMTA), industrial seaweed cultivation and plankton ecology and biological surveilance.

  • Kelp cultivation
  • Cultivation in sea
  • Analysis of plankton samples
  • Marine environmental studies
  • Environmental impact assessments
Aleksander Handå
Research Manager
Phone 91577232

Environment, quality and food safety

More stringent customer requirements and regulatory requirements make it necessary for the players in the industry to work systematically to ensure that requirements are met.

  • Environmental management and quality assurance systems
  • System audits, environmental, quality, private standards
  • Support in certification processes
  • Advising food safety and traceability
  • Consulting responsible aquaculture and fisheries
  • Escapes of farmed fish escape prevention
Erik Skontorp Hognes
Master of Science
Phone 40225577

Fry and plankton technology

The research group is working with new technology in marine plankton and juvenile production. In addition, there is a strong focus on marine biotechnology in microalgae.

  • Production and sale of plankton (micro-algae, rotifers, copepods)
  • Live feed courses
  • DNA identification of rotifers
  • Controlled start feeding experiments
  • Chemical and biochemical analyzes
Gunvor Øie
Research Director
Phone 97147906

Marine modelling

Development and application of mathematical models for marine and coastal currents and operational models for notification and monitoring. Development of ecological models for lower trophic levels.

  • High resolution models for current, coastal areas and fjords
  • Climate simulations
  • Simulation of the spread of lice and viruses
  • Population Estimation of Calanus finmarchicus
  • Modeling of integrated aquaculture
  • Modelling of sedimentation and resuspension
Morten Omholt Alver
Research Manager
Phone 95150321

Operational strategy and improvement

Review of operations at different stages of the value chain with focus on increased profitability within established species and new species.

  • Due diligence
  • Third party review
  • Improvement
  • Troubleshooting
Ulf Winther
Research Director
Phone 91316122

Strategy and Business Development

We assist businesses and government with strategy and business development in farming of new and existing species in aquaculture.

  • Strategy Processes
  • Restructuring Synergies through cooperation
  • Assessment of business risk
Ulf Winther
Research Director
Phone 91316122

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About us

SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture Ltd. represents technological expertise and industry knowledge in the utilization of renewable marine resources. Under the vision "Technology for a better society" we are working for a knowledge-based bio marine industry. Our goal is to meet market demands for technological research and development on renewable marine resources. Our expertise, interdisciplinary approach and industrual knowledge provide our customers with added value in all the projects we undertake.

Our main areas are:

Fisheries Technology: vessel and equipment research, safety in the fishing fleet.
Aquaculture Technology: aquaculture structures, land-based facilities, management and operation as well as traceability of marine products.
Process Technology: process technology, processing of marine raw materials to consumer products, feed and ingredients.
Marine Resources Technology: Modelling of marine systems, new species in aquaculture, marine bioprospecting.
Research based consulting: National and international advisory services for companies and public administration.

Through cooperation within the SINTEF Group, we can integrate our own expertise with cutting edge knowledge from other industrial sectors (industrial materials, ICT, medicine, etc.) into the fisheries and aquaculture sector.
Through a close and committed cooperation with NTNU, we can offer businesses and government agencies integrated research and education related to strategic research and industrial projects in the fisheries and aquaculture sector. We also have a network of formal partners among international research institutes.


SINTEF group, 96.1%
Norges Fiskarlag 3.9%

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