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Employment in EU Fish processing Industry based on Norwegian Export

04.08.2014 Norway is the most important country outside EU for supply of seafood to the consumer markets in Europe.

Smolt Quality Index

02.06.2014 Five salmon farming companies, in Los Lagos region, participated in a mutual cooperation project oriented to assess quality parameters in smolt production. The initiative started in 2012 and finished after a year of work and cooperation of the salmon companies involved, and was...

Effect of sweep length on herding when semi-pelagic trawling

10.02.2014 Two full scale tests were carried out in spring and autum 2013 to assess the effect of sweep length on herding of fish during semi-pelagic trawling for cod and haddock. The results showed that sweep length can have a significant effect on the catches.

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New oil sources for fish feed -MIRA

Access to omega 3 sources in fish feed is a limiting factor for growth in aquaculture. Researchers from SINTEF and NTNU will explore the potential of using bacteria as a "production machine" for the beneficial fatty acids.

Artificial reefs to ensure biodiversity

Artificial reefs are manmade constructions that are deployed on the seabed and form the basis for the establishment of a new ecosystem.

Kelp cultivation near land-based hatcheries

Could kelp cultivation work as biological filters for aquaculture effluents in land-based hatcheries?

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