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Testing the “safety alarm 2.0″

09.10.2014 If scientists get their way, we will soon be able to measure grandma’s acceleration. If she has a fall, that is.

Information security – what are the real issues?

08.10.2014 SINTEF has, under contract for the Norwegian Agency for Public Sector Management and eGovernment (Difi), carried out a needs assessment within public sector administration looking into support for activities linked to information security.

Getting the Chinese to work in teams

07.10.2014 Norwegian companies have been less than successful at developing software abroad. But now the answer is on its way.

MiNaLab, one of Norway's most advanced laboratories, celebrated its 10th anniversary

07.10.2014 On Friday 19 September SINTEF and the University of Oslo (UiO) celebrated the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Microsystems and Nanotechnology Laboratory, known as 'MiNaLab', in Oslo Science Park.

Controlling PCs and tablets with hand movements

01.09.2014 In an office in Forskningsveien 1, Oslo, a researcher is making gentle, gymnastic hand movements in front of his tablet computer.

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TAG CLOUD develops digital services with the aim to increase interest in cultural heritage. Personalization is central to the approach: The services will provide cultural information adapted to user interests. Personalization applies to both content and interaction with cultural resources...


UbiCompForAll is about providing software development tools to users so they can easily tailor and compose services in ubiquitous environments. The main challenge of UbiCompForAll is to come up with solutions that both handle the engineering aspects of service composition, e.g., correctness, and...


More than 72 000 people in Norway are suffering from demetia. Each year 10 000 new cases are registered. Approximately 250 000 family members are affected by the disease. People with dementia have problems coping with their daily activities.


SOCIETIES project logo

The vision of SOCIETIES is to develop a complete, integrated Community Smart Space (CSS), which extends pervasive systems beyond the individual to dynamic communities of users.  CSSs will embrace on-line community services, such as Social Networking in order to offer new and powerful ways of...

OSS – Ocean Space Surveillance

Environmental monitoring is a key element in sustainable exploitation of marine resources. The environment is under pressure from e.g. shipping and offshore oil and gas activities, and there is a large need for improved methods for monitoring and management. OSS aims to contribute to this by...

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