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Jacket works like a mobile phone

22.04.2014 A fire is raging in a large building and the fire leader is sending a message to all firefighters at the scene. But they don’t need a mobile phone – they simply check their jacket sleeves and read the message there.

Norwegian IT researchers are the best in the world

01.04.2014 International IT researchers have limited contact with the industry, and tend to stay in their offices, working on concepts and studies. Norwegian researchers work closely with companies – and win awards.

Lifesaving sensor for full bladders

10.03.2014 A small pressure sensor can make the difference between life and death. The first tests on humans will be carried out in April on patients with spinal injuries at Sunnaas Hospital.

What do you know about Lawrence of Rome?

10.03.2014 The EU wants people to get more interested in their cultural heritage, and is starting pilot projects in England, Spain and Norway.

Drilling in concrete – without a sound?

03.03.2014 If you choose the right equipment, drilling in concrete won’t bother people in neighbouring rooms. Nordland Hospital in Bodø plans to make the most of this discovery.

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More than 72 000 people in Norway are suffering from demetia. Each year 10 000 new cases are registered. Approximately 250 000 family members are affected by the disease. People with dementia have problems coping with their daily activities.


SOCIETIES project logo

The vision of SOCIETIES is to develop a complete, integrated Community Smart Space (CSS), which extends pervasive systems beyond the individual to dynamic communities of users.  CSSs will embrace on-line community services, such as Social Networking in order to offer new and powerful ways of...

Numerical CO2 Laboratory

The open-source "Numerical CO2 Laboratory" offers a flexible research and educational platform for modeling and simulation of geological storage of carbon dioxide. The laboratory offers a large set of tools that simplify the development and implementation of  new models and computational...

NEXTGENROB - Next Generation Robotics for Norwegian Industry

NEXTGENROB is a 5-year research program aiming to develop new competence and knowledge in next-generation robotics for Norwegian industry. The project is led by SINTEF ICT and is funded with support from the Research Council of Norway and from the industrial partners Statoil, Hydro, Tronrud...

OSS – Ocean Space Surveillance

Environmental monitoring is a key element in sustainable exploitation of marine resources. The environment is under pressure from e.g. shipping and offshore oil and gas activities, and there is a large need for improved methods for monitoring and management. OSS aims to contribute to this by...

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