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"Super bacteria" cleaning up after oil spills

07.03.2014 Researchers in Trondheim have achieved surprising results by exploiting nature's own ability to clean up after oil spills.

Killing cancer cells with super glue

03.03.2014 Using nanocapsules containing cancer drugs, researchers have succeeded in attacking tumours with surgical precision. One of the ways to manufacture such capsules is with minute droplets of super glue.

Batteries could store the energy in sunlight and the wind

18.12.2013 Batteries as big as houses could become an important component of our electricity supply in the future – enabling us to exploit renewable energy that at present literally just flies past us.

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ROP, Knowledge basis for repair contingency of pipelines

The overall objective of the present project is to establish basic knowledge on subsea hyperbaric repair welding and degradation of clad and lined pipes, as well as C-Mn steel, as studied by laboratory  experiments in combination with numerical modelling of processes and material properties...

BYEFOULING - Low-toxic cost-efficient environment-friendly antifouling materials

The BYEFOULING project addresses high volume production of low toxic and environmentally friendly antifouling coatings for mobile and stationary maritime applications.The search after solutions aiming at reducing Green House Gas-emissions across the whole marine value chain has begun. This will...

Biodegradable Nanoparticles in Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy

The main goal of this project is to build the necessary competence for developing safe and efficient nanoparticles for diagnosis and personalized therapy of cancer. We aim at developing nanoparticles that are more efficient and have less adverse effects than products on the market.

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